1st Poeti  Boedhihartono  with Mischa  Q 

2nd  Lesley Javes with Zara Q

3rd  Joe  Merser with Taz

4th Jo Stubbings with Chuck




1st Dave Thomas with Wilf  Q

2nd Carol Pilgrim with Diesel Q

3rd Daphne Parsons with Holly

3rd Gemma Cleary with Inca

4th Debbie Coombs with Jersey

5th Peter Cleary with Oakie

6th Lorraine Thompson with Hank 




Novice Progress Test 22/2/2024

1st Frank Ford with Lewis Q

2nd Ruth Dodridge with Wilber Q

3rd Pauline Hughes with Scooby Q

4th Lynda Lewis with Reina

5th Debbie Galley with Lake

5th Sarah Allen with Daizee

6th Tom Austen with Dozer





Pre-Beginner Class

20 July 2023

1st      Dave with WILF (Q)

2nd      Doug with KAYLI (Q)

3rd      Debbie with JERSEY (Q)

4th      Poeti with MYSCHA

5th      Leslie with ZALA


Beginner Class

20 July 2023

1st      Cliff with BLU(Q)

2nd      Gemma with INCA

3rd      Adrian with FREYA

4th      Daphne with HOLLY

5th      Guy with LOKI  

6th      Peter with OAKIE


Novice Class

27 July 2023

1st      Ruth with WILBUR (Q)

2nd     Frank with LEWIS (Q)

3rd      Dan with CHEWI

4th      Sarah with DAIZEE

5th      Lynda with REINA

6th      Tom with DOZER and Debbie with LAKE