2023 Annual Awards  

Huge congratulations to all the winners of the 2023 club Annual awards.  They were as follows:

 Companion Breed


Companion Obedience

1st ~ Jacqui Cadec with Opie

2nd ~ Lynda Lewis with Reina

3rd ~ Simon White with Tommy

4th ~ Debbie Galley with Lake

4th  ~ Frank Ford with Lewis

6th ~ Peter Cleary with Oakie


Open Obedience

1st John Pepper with Rudi

2nd Doug Lewis with Dieter


Open Agility

1st ~ Doug Lewis with Dieter

2nd ~ Lynda Lewis with Reina


 Companion Agility

1st ~ Ruth Dodridge with Wilbur

2nd~ Lynda Lewis with Reina

3rd ~ Ron Slough with Ember

     4th ~ Sam Hatton with Piper

5th ~ Debbie Galley with Lake

6th ~ Tom with Dozer


1st  ~ Doug Lewis with Dieter

2nd ~ Lynda Lewis with Reina


Best Rescue

Ashley Excell with Lola


Best Progress of Dog and Handler

Daphne Parson with Holly


Most Improved

Lesley Javes with Zala


Mature Handler

Lorraine Thompson


Most Supportive Member (voted for by members)

Maria Mercer


Marco Trophy (Dog losing least points at our Show)

Guy Ratcliffe with Loki


Fern Trophy (Best Ambassador)

Debbie Galley with Lake


 ‘Tasha Special Award Trophy’

Sarah Allen


Branch ‘Joker’ Award

 Poeti Boedhihartono with Mischa


Most Promising Puppy (under 9 months)

Debbie Coombs with Jersey