Progress Evenings


Progress evenings happen a couple of times a year.  It is a night where instead of the usual training classes, each handler and dog will be assessed and scored on how they are getting along with the exercises they practice regularly in class.  As it is an assessment, no treats are permitted onto the floor. The assessments are done by classes, and rosettes are given from 1st to 6th place on the night!  Progress Nights are a good opportunity for handlers to see how they and their dogs have been doing and to have the chance of being awarded with a rosette.

(Tip ~ the highest number of marks are lost if a dog breaks it’s stays ~ so if nothing else, work on getting solid stays! )

 Progress nights are a ‘relaxed assessment’ evening.  The only differences from a normal training class are the exclusion of treats.

Whilst dogs progress at different stages, do not let it be an evening to shy away from.  It is a helpful exercise, not only for handlers, but for the instructors to observe strengths and weaknesses and to offer any necessary assistance in these areas in class.

 We encourage as many handlers and dogs to come along and take part and think of it as a normal training class.