Training classes are held weekly on Thursday evenings as follows: ~


Puppy ~ 7.35pm (small hall) Trainer Sam Hatton

Pre begs ~ 7.35pm (main hall) Trainer Sue Napper

Begs ~ 8.30pm (main hall) Trainer Ruth Dodridge

Novice ~ 9.30pm  (main hall) Trainer Doug Lewis


Outline of classes


For the benefit of new handlers and dogs to the club, the following is a brief summary of the levels and exercises worked on in each of the classes ~


Puppy Class (age up to 6 months) - Socialising for your puppy, teaching basic manners, how to walk to heel on lead, basic recalls and learning stays.



Pre-Beginners - - Perfecting heel on lead, recall with present (sitting straight in front of handler), 30 second sit stay, 1 minute down stay, finish (dog to return to heel position at handlers left side after recall.) 


Beginners - - Teaching heel free (no lead), 1 minute sit stay, 2 minutes down stay, retrieve any article (toy or dumb bell), recall with finish. 


Novice –- Teaching retrieve with dumb bell only, perfecting heel on lead and heel free, recall with finish, 1 minute sit stay, and 2 minute down stay. (Novice class will also contain some "A" class work, including Send Away, Scent Discrimination, Change of Pace Heel work, Distance Control, Advanced Sit, Stand, Down Heel work, Out of Sight Stays)